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About This Course

In this 5 Week comprehensive course, you will learn the most well known and accessible Qi Gong sequence called "Eight Silks Brocade", or "Eight Treasures." 

Learn at home with this self-paced online course created lovingly just for you! 

You will practice along with Rie's video instruction and written explanations to learn this beautiful and accessible practice. 

You may complete this course in a few days, or a few weeks. It is entirely up to you! 

Meet Rie


Rie Katagiri is a Los Angeles based conscious movement educator, somatic holistic healer, embodiment coach and choreographer as well as a spiritual embodiment facilitator that specializes in engaging the body's intelligence to access space and pleasure to integrate it as a new normal, a guiding light towards soothing anxiety, body shame and emotional triggers. With 20 years of formal training in bodywork, yoga, qigong and erotic/pole dance, Rie has expertly created workshops, teacher training programs and coached award wining artists to elevate their body and energy awareness. One of the greatest gifts of Rie's professional life is empowering students to realize how amazing their bodies are. Self care through nutrition, cleansing, exercising and stress management are topics Rie is pleased to cover during a private session.
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Qi Gong 8 Treasures Series

Video classes, guidance, and instructions

  1. 2
    • Terms and Conditions

  2. 3
    • 8 Treasures Guide PDF for you to Download

  3. 4
    • SESSION 1: Introduction to Qi Gong and The 8 Treasures (Movement 1)

  4. 5
    • Session 2 of The 8 Treasures Qi Gong (Movements 2 & 3)

  5. 6
    • Session 3 of The 8 Treasures Qi Gong (Movements 4 & 5)

  6. 7
    • Session 4 of the 8 Treasures Qi Gong Series (Movements 6, 7, & 8)

  7. 8
    • FINAL SESSION of the 8 Treasures Qi Gong Series (Full Sequence)

  8. 9
    • Gratitude & Integration